Education Program

Coming Soon!

“If We Can Do It You Can Too”

LYFF is excited to announce our new Education Program, coming in the fall of 2021. Thanks to a generous grant from Kira’s Kitten Fund (via the Orphan Kitten Club), we will be able to put together the planning and the resources to share our expertise knowledge with the broader community. Most importantly, we will help people understand that no matter how small the act, everyone can help better the lives of cats and kittens in some way.

What We Will Offer

Workshops and seminars including cat care and safety, animal welfare careers, pet first aid, TNR, bottle-feeding, humane law enforcement, and more.

Group activities for child and youth organizations, such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and others.

Birthday parties, which will include a workshop/seminar of choice, time in the cat lounge, and time for cake/presents.

About Kira’s Kitten Fund

Kira’s Kitten Fund, established by the Orphan Kitten Club, seeks to carry on Kira Serisky’s legacy by providing support for youth programs in animal shelters and rescues across the United States. Kira was a foster mom and advocate for kitten welfare and education, regardless of her own health challenges due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. She had plans to do much more before losing her life at the age of 17, and LYFF is honored to carry on in her name. We’ve taken her motto—“if I can do it, you can too”—as the title of our education program to reflect our shared goal of getting as many people as possible involved in saving cat and kitten lives.

Read more about Kira and Kira’s Kitten Fund, as well as the Orphan Kitten Club.

To help us with our education program, contact us.

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