Feral Freedom is a mode of free, volunteer-based transportation designed to rescue feral cats from high kill shelters, and transport them to screened and approved barn homes.

This system is able to be successful, thanks to a large network of people who volunteer their time, gas money, and hearts, in order to see the animals reach their havens.

Transporters who volunteer are much bigger than this one effort. They may volunteer for certain transports on one occasion and for other transports on other occasions. Their hearts are just too big to belong to one transport system, and I am so appreciative of them for that. Each transport is important, because all of us have one goal in mind, and that is to see these wonderful ferals reach their safe destinations!

How It All Works:

Our main focus is placing at risk feral cats from San Diego County shelters. Many times there may be rescues that have approved placement for animals without having a way to send them. In these cases, animal rescue transports play a vital role in assisting those animals to get to freedom and a new life. Saving these animals is a team effort, and when we work together, miracles can happen!

Screening is very important. Each adopter, is screened thoroughly before they are approved to receive any feral cats. The well-being of each animal is of the utmost importance and not treated lightly. All updates received on the feral cats are shared with the transport angels who helped get them to their destinations!

If you would like to be a part of this amazing effort, or if you have further questions, please contact us by phone 760-542-8509 or email [email protected]

Would you like to help us save even more lives?

It seems that most of us are constantly begging for the animals’ sake, and we do it shamelessly. Transporters are so generous to purchase their own gas for the transports, and they always do this no matter how expensive the gas gets. They also use their own personal vehicles for the transports. They are the most generous, selfless people that I know. They never complain, instead they make it work and just do it!

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If you would like to donate towards our efforts, please click the donate button below. Your complete donation will be used in the direct rescue and care of the animals that we work to save. Thank you for your kindness!