Get Involved!

One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.

Thank you for thinking about joining Team LYFF. We are in constant need of volunteers to help us save lives! We would be honored to welcome you into the LYFF Family.

How You Can Help

  • Foster
  • Transport
  • Special Projects
  • Grant Writing
  • Social Media
  • Phone Calls
  • Data Entry
  • Community Outreach
  • Feed Feral Cats
  • Become a Coordinator
  • Help at Adoption Events


Time spent with cats is never wasted

Fostering is a wonderful way to save lives. Did you know that one of the primary reasons LYFF has saved over 3,021 cats and kittens is the dedication of our incredible Foster Families? By fostering felines for a short but necessary period of time, these families are helping to save lives that would otherwise be lost. Shelters have a limited amount of kennel space, so when foster families take in a cat or kitten, they are also helping other orphan felines by opening up a kennel.

There are many animals in need, so the more animals we can take in the better! Is there a safe space in your heart and home for a temporary friend?

kitten in basket