Cats and kittens at the LYFF Adoption Center were ready for their closeup recently when Jeff Zevely, host of the Zevely Zone on CBS8 San Diego, came to visit! His goal was to learn more about our organization and especially our Cat Cuddle Hours, which welcome the public to visit and play with cats and kittens every weekend. Our felines’ goals? Playtime and snuggles, of course!

Putting on a Feline Show

“Never work with animals or children” is the old adage from WC Fields, but our kitties had Zevely singing another tune during his visit. He started off by taking background footage of cats playing, grooming, sleeping, running on the wheel, rolling over to expose their bellies, and much more. And they didn’t stop! Everywhere Zevely turned, our kitties were putting on a show. In fact, Zevely commented to us that he’d never worked with more engaged and friendly animals in his 30 years of TV journalism. We even got our parrot-cat Nebi to get on his shoulder!

If I Fits, I Sits

In another bid to prove that our cats are the cattiest cats who ever did cat, our felines found a box to sit in and investigate. Our beauty Spud was the instigator and claimed pride of place—right in the center of Zevely’s camera bag. The reporter was so tickled that he laid down on the ground to get a shot of Spud and others in the background.

Just the Facts

After we got Spud out of the suitcase and after Zevely took all of the supplementary footage he could possibly need, we did a little one-on-one chatting about LYFF. We covered the details of Cuddle Hours, as well as what feral cats are (versus socialized), why we love cats, and more. We knew all of that wouldn’t make it to the broadcast, but you can bet we told him everything he wanted to know about how we save cats and kittens—and how members of the public can help us and help cats!

Paws Up for the Zevely Zone 

We can’t thank Jeff Zevely and CBS8 enough for coming to visit the LYFF Adoption Center and helping to bring more attention to all of the wonderful programs and kitties LYFF offers—watch the video again if you missed it!

LYFF Cat Cuddle Hours run from 12-5 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays at our Adoption Center, 1929 W. Vista Way, Vista, CA. Walk-ins are welcome, but we recommend reserving your spot ahead of time, as space is limited. A $10 tax-deductible donation is requested for each participant. Schedule your Cuddle Hour today.