2 black It’s time to talk about black cat myths and facts. Ask any guardian of a black cat, and they’ll tell you their noir friends are the sweetest, goofiest felines with the best personalities (go ahead, ask, we’ll wait). They simply suffer from an image problem. 

There’s no better day than Friday the 13th to dispel some of the prejudice around black cats by proving why they’re the best. Because, the fact is, black cats are the least adopted from shelters and rescues, even though they are wonderful companions. And we want to change that statistic!

8 Reasons to Adopt Black Cats

Here’s our totally scientific, objective list of reasons why black cats are the best:


If you’re in San Diego County and you’re interested in meeting black cats up for adoption or adopting a black cat of your own, visit the LYFF Adoption Center in Vista or cruise the listings of our adoptable cats and kittens, and we’ll hook you up.