Are you interested in volunteer activities in San Diego County? Curious about volunteering to work with animals at a shelter or rescue? Interested in helping save more cats? Volunteering with Love Your Feral Felines (LYFF) might be the answer! 

Spend a virtual day in our shoes and paws as our dedicated volunteers go about their daily tasks at our LYFF Adoption Center, and discover how you can make a difference in the lives of our cat and kitten friends! 


Volunteer Shift: Monday – Friday Morning Activities

 Mornings are when the LYFF cats are most active and in need of love, making it a crucial (and fun) time for volunteers to be present.


Monday – Friday Mid-Day Volunteer Activities

The mid-day shift doesn’t include food service or quite as much feline energy. Our cats are usually sleeping off their morning romps, so it’s a more relaxed shift.


Monday – Friday Evenings Volunteer Shift

 Since cats are crepuscular (most active at dawn and dusk), they’re usually well-rested and thrilled by entertainment and human playtime in the late afternoon and evening.


Volunteering: Weekends

Weekends are when the LYFF Adoption Center invites visitors in for Cat Cuddle Hours and potential adopters in to choose kitties to take home.


Is LYFF the Right Volunteer Activity for You?

We and our kitties would love it if you’d join us! It takes a lot of people to save cats and kittens in San Diego County and to ensure we provide them with happy and healthy lives. For more information or to sign up to volunteer, see our Volunteer Info page (link at the bottom for application). We hope to see you there!